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Favorite iphone apps for photography


As much as I’d love to be able to, I can’t ALWAYS bring my Mark III with me. Even on vacations there are times that I don’t want to run the risk of it being damaged or stolen. Because of that, I like that I’m able to utilize my iphone so that I’m able to take images that can still capture moments that are important to me. The problem with the iphone camera is that it is limited in its capability to perform as well as a professional DSLR. And while my iphone will never have the ability to operate the same as my Mark III, I’ve found a few apps that I use EVERY day in post process so that my images can stay somewhat consistent in my editing style. I’m also going to share how I keep my instagram pictures forever! Because we all know the most important thing we can do with our jpegs is to print them!!!!!

1. Camera + App
Why I like it : This app is a camera AND an editing system. You can choose to use this camera and edit the photo immediately or you can use your built in iphone camera and import it into this app. You can adjust the clarity, contrast, saturation, exposure and white balance AND enter the lab to fix the sharpness, softness, tint, temperature, highlights, shadows and more! There is also 5 packs of filters to choose from!

2. Pocket Light Meter
Why I like it : I learned about this at the For The Love of Film workshop. In Film, having a light meter is not an option so if you’re new to film, this is one way to always have one on hand. It also works for digital photography too! You aim your phone at your subject, set your aperture and voila, it does the rest. My favorite part is that it sets the Kelvin for you. I shoot my white balance in Kelvin and sometimes I can’t always choose between one setting or another so I like that it gives me an exact number. If that number doesn’t end up being something that I’m happy with, I can always change it myself!

3. Sun Seeker App
Why I Like it : Love this app! It tells you the sunrise and sunset times as well as the angles of the sun at different times of the day. I mostly use this for the general sunrise and sunset times but if I was shooting in an unfamiliar area this is really helpful to figure out the the intensity of the sun in certain areas.

4. Manual camera
Why I like it : You can’t actually edit in this app but you do have greater control over your camera settings. This app lets you change your aperture, ISO and shutter.

5. Facetune App
Why I like it : This app helps clean up obvious blemishes on portraits and close up images.

and last but DEFINITELY not least, as it is my faaavorite app.
6. VSCO cam
Why I like it : The camera itself changes the quality of the image automatically. If you take a picture with your regular camera and then take a picture with VSCO cam you’ll see the difference (thanks meg!) BUT it also has filters that genuinely fit my editing style and how I like my images to look on instagram and they’re generally more clean. I’ll be honest, I hate instagram filters for the most part. The built in filters make me crazy but these (in my opinion) are lovely. It also has a ton of editing options such as white balance, saturation, exposure, brightness, contrast, fading, shadows, highlights, grain, skin tone and on and on and on.

So, after you’ve created all of these lovely images you’re going to want to save them by printing them and keeping them forever yes? YES! Prinstagram is the perfect app to help you accomplish that. I LOVE everything about prinstagram and will have purchased every item they have to offer at one time in my life. They offer everything from instagram calendars (have one!) to mini books (Have two!) to large prints. I mean, they literally have EVERYTHING. Its so great.


Do you have a favorite iphone app? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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